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Buaya - Malay language for 'Crocodile'. Also used connotatively to describe cheeky men who are into sex... :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Is that cum?

These days, with no mahjong session or lunch dates being arranged, I had been quite bored on Sundays and kinda looking forward to some action. For the past weekend, having fucked the bf and a friend on Friday and Saturday and still feeling kinda needy, I decided to go Shogun again on Sunday to try my luck… Maybe I can find some guy whom I can service…  Or who can service me… :p

But alas, it seems that after I had slimmed down, I had not been getting the attention I had wanted. So, I was wandering up and down the spa looking for fun but to no avail. I even hid in the steamroom for some time, hoping for some anonymous blowjob so I can get it over and done with but all I managed to get was only just some forceful hugs and jerk offs… No one wants to blow me cock!

I was greatly disappointed and was wondering what was wrong and decided to just go to the day bed area to rest and see if I can get some exhibitionistic fun at the same time. I was also getting heated up in the steamroom and a few uncles are really tightening their grip on me and I really dun feel like having them for fun…

When I was at the roof top day bed area, I noticed there was a handsome uncle sleeping on the day bed and 2 hunky ones on the other side of the bed. 1 uncle was seated across the bed, jerking himself watching the 3 guys sleep and another guy was just idling around, watching the guy jerking himself. I plonked myself down next to the handsome uncle and tried to get some rest. But it was hot… And HE was hot… Hahaha… I just can’t sleep as all…

So, I started to trace my fingers along his bod. He’s sill sleeping… Ok… I started to move my finger around his nipples and then I move down and feel his cock which is under his towel.

Guess what? Cute uncle is HARD! Hahaha…  I fiddled with his towel and it took me some time but I finally freed his hard cock from the towel. That woke him up and he put his cock back under the towel. :( But he did not turn away from me or got up from the bed…

So, I continued, tracing my fingers along his chest and stomach and then I start to tweak one of his nipples. No rejection. Hmm… I started playing with his nipple and see his mouth open slightly. He was still ‘sleeping’… After playing with his nipple for some time, I got up and licked it and flicked it with my tongue. Then I put my hand on his crotch and felt that he was rock hard. Ah! Uncle is a nipple person! I took his cock out and started jerking for him. This time, he did not reject me… And then I stopped licking his nipple and kissed him. He kissed back! Aha! I think I got him! Hahahaha…

Just then some guy walked into the area and he quickly covered his cock with the towel again and pretended to sleep… again. Tsk!  I waited till the guy walked away and I take out his (still) hard cock and wrap my mouth over it. I started bobbing my head on his cock and was enjoying myself, with those in the area enjoying the show I am giving. Just as I was enjoying myself on his smooth cock, another guy walked in and I can sense cute uncle is getting nervous.

So, I take his cock out of my mouth, covered his cock with his towel, went to kiss him again and asked if he wants to go to a room.  He opened his eyes, looked at me and agreed. Yay!

He got up and led me to an empty room, stood against the wall and waited for me. I locked the door, took off my towel and hugged him. And he still stood there… Like a statue… So, I removed his towel and continued hugging him and kissed him.

But he still stood there like a statue! So, I knelt down and took his hard cock in my mouth and blew him. I was enjoying myself and getting hard when he pulled my head off his cock and turned away from me. I turned him around, reached for his cock and asked him if he wanna fuck me.

He didn’t say anything and I decided to continue blowing him for my own pleasure. At this moment, I can feel him trying to push me away and before I know it, something warm hit me in the mouth and chest and as I stood up, cute uncle continued to squirt some more hot liquid all over on my tummy area and thighs. I tasted what was in my mouth and didn’t taste or smell any cum smell. I touched the wet areas and it also don’t feel like cum.

I asked him if he had cummed and still want to continue playing and cute uncle just smiled, looked for his towel, wrapped up and walked out of the room…


Friday, April 05, 2013

Minor Celebrity, anyone? :p

So, the story is that I know this guy who is like a minor celebrity, both in the AJ circle and in the entertainment industry. I had always been fancying him since I know him. To be, he is really charismatic and very manly. And he knows it and carries it well. And I am sure lots of other guys fancy him and wanna get into his pants. The only thing is, he is a pure top and I was really only interested in topping then and never really thought of bottoming for him. Furthermore, I heard from rumours that he is pretty rough with his guys in bed… And that scares me…

Many years had passed and I had not met him for years. However, I keep seeing his works appear on the screens and am constantly reminded of his presence. And I had also begun to explore the pleasures of bottoming and learning to be a flex in bed.

So, one fine day, there I was, at Shogun, wandering around and feeling upset that I did not get any one to play with. And as I walked in the tv area, guess who I bumped into? Yup, him. I was delighted. It was my first time seeing him in the spa and certainly my first time seeing his body in real life. :p

And he looked good. Stocky with a tough looking tummy. Yummy. Hahaha… Gosh, I dunno when it happened but I had developed a liking for men who are bigger and dun really mind men with tummies. They seem sexier and more manly to  me! :p

He was surprised to see me as well and I stopped to talk to him. Then we hugged… Then we kissed. :p And I felt his growing cock. Not big… But that means I won’t mind it inside me… :p

He appeared shy about being in public and he led me to the dark room. There are some men already playing in the dark room and lots of other guys walking in and out of the room. We stopped near the door and hugged, kissed and talked, some of the men who walked past us groping us as we talked.

‘You suck well, I heard.’ He said. Ha! I know it is an old tactic to get me to suck him but I still find it cute that he needs to say that instead of pushing my head down by force or simply asking me to suck for him. :p So, he is not THAT forceful after all, eh? :p

So, I smiled slyly at him. ‘Really? Who said that?’ And I knelt down and removed his towel and put his hard cock in my mouth. Heaven! Hahaha… I am sucking the cock of a celebrity in the AJ circle! Hahaha… And I am enjoying it… Quite a lot… Hahaha… I started bobbing my head up and down his cock, enjoying the cock in my mouth. But the men walking past us were really distracting.  Being near the entrance means we are right in the path of anyone walking in or out of the room and of course, attracted their attention and roaming hands. :p

He pulled me up and said I really sucked good. I was happy, of course. A validation of my skills, indeed. Hahaha…

I asked if he can suck for me too but he said he had an ulcer and cannot suck. I was a little disappointed. It will be GREAT if he can suck me. But I guess I am enjoying myself already and thus I dun really mind.  After some more hugging, he suggested going to a room. I agreed. Though I will never had mind being groped by others when I enjoy his cock. I am quite an exhibitionist after all… ;)

We found an empty room and I pinned him to the wall and started kissing him again… before going down again on his nice hard cock. I was really enjoying it and he was really complementing on my sucking skills and how correct the rumours had been… Hahaha… Now I am REALLY curious who the hell is telling everyone that I suck good! Hahaha… Doesn’t matter. All I want then was his cock in my mouth and enjoying it! :p

He pulled me up for a kiss and then he asked me where my sensitive areas are. I can’t remember what I said but the next thing I know, he started kissing me at my ears and neck. AND I WENT CRAZY HORNY AND MAD!! Hahaha!!...

Yes! Those are my sensitive areas. Kiss me there and I will let you do anything with me! Well… ALMOST anything lah! Hahaha…

Anyway, so he was kissing and licking me at my neck and ears and my body had gone all soft and weak and I am falling into his arms. He turned me around and hug me from behind and continue kissing me at my neck and my back. I was getting really high and aroused and all I can think of then was, ‘FUCK THE HELL OUT OF ME!’… PLEASE!!!...

Hahaha… So, I arched my back and pressed my butt against him and as he continued kissing and licking me, he asked if I wanna get fucked. Oh, yes, please!

I separated unwillingly from his embrace and lied on the mattress. ‘Take me’, I think I was saying that with my body language… Hahaha… And he was more than happy to oblige. So, after some fingering and ‘preparation work’, he tried inserting his cock in me. But alas, there was not enough lube and I think only the head managed to somehow poke in and I have to ask him to withdraw as it was really too painful… 

Really… Gay spas should not be too stingy about supplying lube sia…  It is spoiling all the potential fun… :p

Anyway, after a few more attempts and thrusts, we gave up and he started jerking himself at my crotch. After playing for some time, he shot his load on me and we cleaned up and left the room… A bit anti climaxed, I know… But I certainly look forward to bumping into him again and taking him in me properly the next time… Heh heh… :p

Thanks for reading! :)

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Because I was meaty...

This happened when I was stocky built… So, the story started when I wanted to go for a Steps class in the early afternoon. I had calculated the travelling time and I should be able to reach the gym in time. But alas, fate should have it that the roads leading to the gym will be jammed for no reason. And so, when I finally reached the gym, I am a good 30 minutes late for the class and thus I decided to take the next class instead, which I wasn’t really too keen to.

Deciding to have some aerobic exercise first while waiting, I used the cross-trainer for half an hour and was about to walk to the studio when I walk past this cute hunk. I wasn’t really looking at him as he was on his phone and I felt half dead. But I noticed he looked up from his phone and was staring at me as I walked past him. I turned my head as I walked on and sure enough, he looked up from his phone again and was staring at me walking like I am a piece of meat. For once, I actually felt shy in the gym! LOL…

Anyway, there was a huge crowd waiting outside the studio for class and I was really contemplating to just skip the class and go back, when the hunk walked past me to the changing room… Oh well… I suddenly dun feel like going for class anymore! Hahaha… I followed him to the changing room…

We changed in the locker area to our towels and I took a relaxing pace to slowly observe him. I just wanna make sure I am not following a wrong target… Sure enough, he was eyeing me all the while and even went to the urinals to wait for me. However, I decided not to follow and waited for him at my locker. I saw him walk out of the urinal area disappointed and followed him to the steam room.

After walking in and out of the steam and sauna rooms and getting no response from him, I thought I got a wrong message from him and walked to the shower cubicles disappointed. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when he appeared in the shower cubicle opposite mine! And he winked at me… :p

He signaled me to go to his cubicle and I went. We hugged and kissed and he got hard. Oh my. He had such a big cock. It was curving downward and thick and long. We continued kissing and accidentally made a loud smooching sound! It was rather embarrassing and we thought it is better that we leave the shower cubicle for a while first. LOL!

We exited the shower cubicle and went to the steam room where we chatted and continue kissing since no one else was there. It felt good. It was so innocent, so much like 2 guys discovering one another and falling in love. He told me, he likes men with meat and he liked me when he first saw me. For once, I was glad I had not slimmed down! Hahaha…

As the steam room got too hot, we decided to shower, cool down and leave the gym. We took the same cubicle again as the place was really quiet and had more kissing and hugging and nipple lickings before he knelt down and took my hard cock into his mouth. He licked and sucked and it looked so good to see his cute face with my cock and I was really horny. I pulled him up and went down to suck his big cock. It felt so good to have that monster in my mouth.

He pulled me up as I was enjoying myself and kissed me before jerking for the both of us. I then inserted my finger in his ass. It went in and his tight ass wrapped my finger. He then inserted his finger into my asshole as well and I felt like I was in heaven.

We jerked for each other with a finger in each other’s hole and continued kissing. All this while, the water from the showerhead was falling on us, cooling us down. It was so hot, if not for the water, we might have caught fire! Hahaha…

Shortly, after, as I pulled my finger out, he moaned that he is cumming and shot his load on the cubicle floor. I turn around so he can stand behind me as he continued to jerk me off with his finger in my ass. It took just a few more strokes and I shoot my load on the floor as well, mixing our loads together.

As we calmed down, we kissed and he washed the cum away and left the cubicle. After I dry up, we exchanged numbers at the locker area and proceeded to have our lunch together. He was a sweet guy and I hoped we can have more sessions of fun together where I can do more naughty things with him…

Let’s wait and see!

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Twice in a row...

I bumped into him when I was leaving the toilet. He looked pretty straight to me and I did not think he could be AJ. But it was a fruitless trip and I was kinda a little frustrated with myself. Hahaha… I understand that it will be difficult to find ‘help’ at this hour, but I was still expecting something… :p

So, as I saw him walked in and saw that he gave me a look, I stopped and decided to go back to the toilet. There he was, washing his hands at the wash basin. He looks like he was not interested in me. I walked to the urinal and pretended to pee, turned my head and noticed that he was looking at me from my mirror reflection. Bingo!

Just then, someone walked in to the toilet. He looked up, gave me a look, dried his hands and walked out of the toilet. I looked at the new guy and I wasn’t really interested. Besides, he might not be AJ or wanting to do anything. So, I zipped up and followed the guy out of the toilet.

Outside, he stepped into a lift when he saw me and held the lift for me. The lift took us 1 level down and he quietly led me to another toilet. I was surprised the toilet is there. I had thought they had closed it for good after the renovation and so I never visited it. When I entered the toilet, there he was, standing at the urinal. I stood next to him and took out my cock. He was already hard and jerking off. I got hard and shifted myself to give him a better view and possible access to my meat. He gladly took up my offer and held my hard cock in his hand and jerked me while still jerking himself.

Sensing that we might be too much in the open, he pulled me towards the wash basins and continued to jerk off for me. I was a little disappointed that he dun wanna suck, but I guess I can make do without it. We hugged and kissed, his hand never leaving my cock. He was determined to have me cum. ‘Cum quick, its not safe to drag for too long.’, he whispered into my ears as he held me tight with 1 hand and jerking me off with the other.

Just then, someone opened the toilet door and we pushed away from each other, frantically zipping up our pants. As the intruder walked in, I realized it was someone who had blew me before and I told the first guy that we are safe to continue. He came to me and kissed me while working my cock out of my zip. The second guy watched on and I signaled him to come and suck for us. He knelt at our cocks and took our cocks into his mouth, 1 after another, savouring our cocks and our pre-cum. The first guy couldn’t take it and told me he wanna cum. The second guy stood up in time and the first guy shot his load and sprayed it all over the toilet floor. I cummed too, upon seeing him spray his load with gusto. The second guy then passed us some toilet paper and left the toilet. We did a quick wash up for our cocks and wiped some of the cum off the floor, hugged and also left the toilet.

As I reached my second destination, I realized it was a little early still and I wanted to see if anyone could be cruising. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked into the toilet. Nothing. As I walked out, this ah beng walked in. He looked at me and gave me a look that said he wanted my cock. Heh. Doing bengs had been one of my fetishes and I did not want to miss this opportunity. So I walked back into the toilet.

True as it is, my gaydar did not fail me. He was walking in and out of the urinal area while I stood at the urinals, getting hard and flashing my cock to him. He stopped when he was sure no one will be coming in the toilet and took my cock in his hand. He expertly started to jerk me off. Why expertly? He knew how to play with a cockhead when he was jerking off a cock. His method was not the usual grab the shaft and jerk his hand up and down the hard shaft. He used his fingers to play with the head and his wet fingers mixed well with my pre-cum and I was getting really high. However, I just cummed not long ago and this will take a long time… So, I took over from him and he played his hand at the underside of my cock head, gently rubbing the skin linking the underside of the cockhead to the foreskin. It felt absoluely amazing. I reached out and squeezed his crotch and he was hard too. It felt good in my hands but he dun want it taken out. As I jerked myself and he added to my pleasure, I squeezed his cock a few more times and I started cumming. He used his hand to catch my thick white cum and he started rubbing the cum on my cock head and all over his hand. I stopped him as the cockhead was too sensitive and he smiled and went to wash his hands. I cleaned my cock and gave it a quick wash and left the toilet, happy that I get to cum twice in a row. Beng was still washing his hand and looking contented… I wished he had jerked himself off too just now… If only… :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Oops!... Excuse me ah... :p

Had you been caught… when you were in the midst of a sexual activity? :p

I had… on a few occasions, actually…

1. Making out in carpark
When I was with my first ex, we hardly have any place to make out. That probably was the reason why we din have much sex after some time and the relationship became sexless after that… When we need sex, we will either have to rely on the swimming pool changing rooms or his car. There was this time when we were making out at his car when we were caught butt naked by some voyeur. My ex parked the car at the Chinese Garden carpark, our usual love making venue, and we were kissing and making out and soon butt naked and he was on top of me and rubbing his hard man meat against my cock and balls and leaking huge amounts of precum all over my (then flat) tummy, cock, balls and dripping down to my hole. I was in heaven and thrusting my hard cock against his smooth bod while kissing and licking him. Then suddenly, we heard some noise from outside the car and it was quickly followed by someone attempting to open the car door. My ex quickly turned and held on to the car door handle while making it sure that the doors were all locked (they were already locked). He then quickly moved to his seat whilst the guy (or guys) outside was still try to open the car door… Very quickly, he took some newspapers in his car and use them to cover my body (ain’t he sweet?) and then he switched on his headlights, which scared the guy away from the car and drove the car away! Do I need to remind you that he was still butt naked? He drove the car to another lot while I lie on the laid out seat, naked also, but partially covered by newspaper. After he parked the car, we had a good laugh and quickly dressed up and left. Needless to say, we did not ejaculate that night. At least not with each other’s help… But I was also ‘caught’ after I cummed…

2. Masturbating in office
When I was having an office of my own, I sometimes will jerk off to porn in office. Especially if it is around lunch time or after working hours. Usually I will not cum also. I will just get high, jerk a bit and then find an avenue of release later in the evening. However, there are times when I get too high and I jerked too much and it went beyond my control and I have to shoot in my office, but into some tissue lah, of course.

So, it so happened that on that particular day, I was doing the usual, watching some porn clips and pulling out my hard cock and jerking off when I got too high and cummed. Luckily for me, I had some tissue paper on hand and as I shoot into the tissue, I chose to squat down at my desk. Dun ask me why but luckily I did so. The reason? At the end of my orgasm, someone opened my door without knocking and caught me squatting behind my table… I have no idea if he had any idea of what I was doing, but he definitely thought I was in the middle of something. He gave a wide smile, walked into my office towards me, asked some questions and walked out after I replied him. Of course, in order not to be too obvious, I freed both my hands when talking to him, even, clicking on the mouse, but kept to my squatting position as my zip is undone, my cock is still hanging out and the tissue with the fresh load is still surrounding my cock head… :p

Well, that was embarrassing but then again, it was not the most embarrassing, at least I was not caught in the act…

3. Getting a blow job
Yup, I was caught receiving a blow job… I was at a chalet with a bunch of friends. All AJ, of course, and so I have no inhibitions… wearing boxers in the chalet… :p So, we were staying up late, I think because of a mahjong game and when it is time to sleep, I had to go to a room that still has an available bed space and after having found one, I just sleep. As the room was cold, the natural thing I did was to hug my friend lying next to me on the bed when I was sleeping. And with the hug, I started some humping and rubbing as I got comfortable and with that Jr. grew, gotten hard and popped out of the boxers front opening. My friend enjoyed the rubbing and one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, he had me on my back and my hard cock in his mouth. I was just in a daze, half asleep and enjoying the blowjob. Then, out of the corner of my half opened eyes, I saw the room door opened and another friend walked into the room. He stopped when he saw what was going on, lingered for a second, then stepped out and closed the door. We were a little shocked too but decided to continue. After I cummed, my friend went back to sleep and I decided to wash up and go down for breakfast. Needless to say, the breakfast table already knew what happened and I was teased for a long time for not locking the door when I was having sex… But, hey, how would I have predicted it… :p

Besides, it does not mean that if you locked the door, you will not be caught at it…

4. In a public toilet, part 1
Some years back, Suntec was a popular shopping destination. Well, it still is… Ok, it was a popular shopping AND cruising destination. There was a popular toilet where all the action was taking place. Guys can stay in the cubicles in that toilet for a long time, while waiting for their neighbours to finish with their sex with the other neighbour and a new guy can occupy the cubicle next door for their turn. In the meanwhile, more guys can be waiting at the toilet to use the cubicles. Dun ask me why we are so confident that those using the cubicles are gay. We just knew. Anyway, there are signs for toilet cruising that people will use to signify that they want sex when they are inside the cubicle. Anyway, so there I was, very early for a date with my ex and I decided to get some relieve at the toilet. We had not had sex for a very long time and I really needed to cum. So, once I gotten a cubicle and a willing neighbour, we got about getting serious. He began sucking my cock and playing with it and soon asked to have more access to it. As the cubicle partition was really high (almost to the knee level) then, I could easily sit on the floor to give my neighbour full access to my lower body. I cleaned the floor (which was already very clean) and sat down and enjoy the service from the guy next door. As I was enjoying the service, I peeped towards the wash basin side and saw a guy standing around there for a long time. I guess he must be able to see the action from where he was standing and is enjoying himself. Nevertheless, I thought I better cum soon and not drag it for too long. You just can’t be too sure who was the guy watching. And as luck has it, after I cummed in the neighbour’s mouth and cleaned up, my ex was greeting me at the wash basin. :p He kinda guessed it was me who was getting the blowjob but he still wanted to see who was it and so he stayed. We didn’t break up because of this, he was ok with me finding my alternatives. Afterall, he was also finding his alternatives… But not everyone gets to go off scot free when being caught…

5. In the public toilet, part 2
I was at the cruisiest toilet at Jurong Point many many years back and I was in a cubicle waiting for a willing neighbour to help me relieve some sexual pressure. After some time, a guy came into the cubicle next door and after some feet tapping and shadow playing, began to ask for my cock. Upon shoving my cock under the partition, he began to suck on my cock and play with it with his hands. I find the feeling very familiar and upon checking, realized that he was a friend of mine. We arranged to go to his place so we can continue in comfort and maybe I can fuck him too. He left his cubicle first as I had to put on my pants and needed more time. When I left my cubicle, I was puzzled why he was standing next to an Indian guy at the toilet entrance. But my instinct told me to just walk past them and not acknowledge my friend. Incidentally, my friend also gave me a look indicating that I should just walk away as soon as I can. After I reached home and feeling frustrated that the planned session did not get to take place, I received a message from my friend. He told me that the Indian guy told him that he is a policeman and he saw my friend blowing someone (me) and wanted to catch us both. As I had left, the Indian guy gave up the idea after waiting for a while and made my friend pay some fine and give him a blowjob at the rooftop. Of course I told him he had been cheated. But sometimes, the person catching you in the act can be for real…

6. In the public toilet, part 3
I am not really comfortable with being in the same cubicle with another guy. It is definitely easier for the sex to happen and very convenient. I had good times being in the same cubicle with the other guy but it is so dangerous. And I happened to go through it once to know how dangerous it can be. I was at a cubicle, again waiting for a blow job, when the guy next door indicated he wanted my cock. I gave it to him and soon, he asked whether he can come into my cubicle. It will be much easier. I gave it some thought and opened the door for him to join me. Whilst he was blowing me naked, someone tried to enter my cubicle. He gave it a push, waited a while and then walked out of the toilet. I can see this from the mild reflection off the ceiling. After a while, there was some loud banging on my cubicle door and a voice asking me and the guy to exit the cubicle. Sensing trouble, we quickly dressed up and right before I opened the door, I quickly pushed 2 fingers down the throat of the guy. He retched and vomited. I opened the cubicle door and asked the security guards what was wrong. He was fierce and asked why I was in the same cubicle with another man. I asked him why can’t we be in the same cubicle and explained that the guy was feeling unwell and I was assisting him. The guy then started vomiting again. This time round, with some blood (I think I shoved my fingers in too deep and too hard). The security softened his stand a little but insisted that I should not lock the cubicle door if I was giving assistance to the guy and wanted to call the police. I explained that leaving the door unlocked will be more troublesome if someone was to walk in to see 2 guys in the cubicle and so I locked it. After some time, the security decided to let us go after noting down our details. I apologize to the guy when we were outside, for making him throw up and bleed, but he was just glad I got us out of the potential shit. I really really try not to have another session in a toilet cubicle again after that. What about making out in the open then? Is it safer than being in a toilet cubicle together?

7. In broad day light
Hahaha… My ex brought me to the Fort Road beach a couple of times. We went there to sit by the beach, read books and just to be with one another. Of course, we also like to beo at the men who walked past us in their undies/trunks etc… :p I remembered walking into orgies while we try to explore the area. The men scattered away the moment we walked in, only to have a few brave ones come out in their underwear, smiling at us, trying to get us to join in. We will just walk past and dun disturb them further. :p There was one day, after walking around and walking right into an open field, surrounded by bushes on the perimeters, my ex got a little horny and asked if I can blow for him right there in the open. Being totally in love with him and an exhibitionist by nature, I agreed. We kissed and I fondled with his almost 7” cock before kneeling down, pulling down his shorts and taking his lovely hard meat monster into my mouth. I was enjoying blowing him when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed 2 guys walking along the outside edge of the field. Their heads can be seen over the bushes and at a bush lower than the rest, they spotted me on my knees giving my ex a blowjob. Being young and innocent then (it was about 15 years ago), I got a shock and quickly stood up. I was very scared. The 2 guys saw that I stopped and probably knew I was freaked out by their presence and proceeded to hug each other for me to see in a bid to calm me down so I can continue. But as I was spooked easily then, all mood was gone and I just smiled, hugged my ex a little and I gathered my ex so we can walk away from the field as fast as we can.

Ok lah, I think those were all the experiences I had that I can recall. There were other minor instances like some friend of a hunk seeing him giving me a blowjob at FR and then texting him after we were done to tease him and guys walking past the cars I was in while I was enjoying a blowjob or mutual handjobs. But those are rather common and brief moments, so I shall not write about them… :p

Thanks for reading! :)


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hmm… Was busy. Ok. Lazy. :p Paiseh la… I started a new job and was resting earlier. And sort of gotten a little lazy during the resting period…

Heh. Well, I should compensate and start writing again? :p

Not too long ago, my horniness took the better of me and as I was clearing leave, I decided to go have a look at one of the gay spas on a weekday afternoon. Well, I had heard of stories of the spas being filled with people on weekday afternoons and I thought I might as well check it out for myself since I had the time to. :p

And so, I chose to go to OneSeven.

I would not wanna go there on a weekend or after work. Well, the place is big, relatively well maintained and filled with relatively nice bodied guys… But it is just too expensive. And some more, with me getting more and more fat (well, some say I am stocky, not fat), my market value at OneSeven had dropped quite significantly. Nevertheless, I still continued and decide to go to OneSeven for that afternoon.

After paying and changing, I noticed that the place was really quite crowded at 3pm. No, its not a pasar malam sized crowd but still, there should be at least 50 pax or more there already inside. So i went upstairs, wrapped in my towel and started hunting. I was not expecting much, but I would love to at least get a blow job. :p

I started by wandering around the dark maze, feeling up the guys standing around and trying to feel those walking around, in case someone decides to be interested in me. No luck for the first round. As I embarked for my second walkabout, I stopped to rest at seated area and started feeling a guy seated next to me. He responded positively and we started fondling each other. I next I know, he asked to go to a room. After getting into a room, the usual kissing, touching and rubbing started. He began to blow me and I started to reach out to his bottom and tried to finger him. He told me he wanna fuck but too bad, I told him I am a top. When we were kissing, my fingers had access to his hole and I began to finger fuck him. After some time, with significant lube being applied and a few change of positions, I began to plow my hard cock into his ass. He accepted my entry and we began to make out, changing positions and moving around the small room. For someone who just wanted to fuck, he sure was enjoying being fucked. :p After a few rounds of me pumping into him, he told me he dun wanna cum. I presume he wanted to have more fun and so I withdrew my cock from his ass and have him lick my cock before we go shower.

I started my second round after a quick chat with him at the cafeteria. I went to the big dark room and see if anyone would wanna just suck in the dark. I found someone who’s bod feels good and we proceeded to lie on the big mattress in the room. As we fondle and rub, another guy joined in. He began to rub my cock and after getting it real hard, proceed to suck on it. After a while, with me and the other guy still hugging and kissing, he did the necessary on my cock and then sit himself on it and began bobbing himself up and down my hard cock. Well, I did enjoy myself… But it did feel a little wrong too. It does feel like I was being raped. :p The other guy realized that my cock was in the guy’s ass and got a little pissed and proceeded to pull away from me and left the dark room. After a few more minutes of pounding the second ass of the day, I pulled out, thanked the guy and left the room.

And though I thought I needed some rest instead of finding a third round, I found an interesting looking guy pretty soon. He was stocky and definitely looks fuckable in the dim lights. I approached him and felt his bod up. He responded and was quick to feel my cock, which is getting hard again. He then led me to an empty room nearby, locked the door, guided me to the bed and sat me down on it. Once I was on the bed, he knelt down and proceeded to earnestly suck on my cock, bringing it to its full hardness. And boy, can he suck. And he made my cock really wet with his saliva… which I like. After some more sucking, I pulled him up and fingered his ass as we hug. This made him more horny and he proceeded to get ready for us to fuck. When all’s ready, he got me down on the bed and proceeded to mount himself on my hard cock and pounded him ass on my cock. Man, lucky me, the bottoms I met that night were all very active! :p Hahaha… After some more pounding, the guy suddenly let out some noise and quickly pulled out of my cock. He mumbled something like an apology and proceeded to wipe himself and asked to leave the room. I thought he might had had ‘leakage’ problem with his ass and needed cleaning and so I waited a while in the room while I cleaned myself up. After some time, I thought he might had cummed and might not be back. So, I left the room.

After 3 rounds, it was kinda exhausting. But somehow I was not satisfied. As I was walking around, I bumped into some guy and we hugged. Hmm… Quite a good feel, I thought to myself. As we walked on, we hugged more and kissed. I pinned him against a wall and hugged him tight, licking his ears and neck, making him high. He whispered into my ear, ‘Just so you know, I am not a top.’. it sounded like music tro my ears and so I replied, whispering into his ear, ‘Just so you know, I am not a bottom.’. :p That did the trick, I guessed. He broke our embrace, look at me, smiled, held my hand and led me to a room. In the room, we wasted no time as he proceeded to help himself to my cock. After a few rounds of kissing and sucking, he proceeded to get ready for the penetration.

When my cock entered him, he was almost euphoric. Ok, can I use this word in this situation? LOL… Anyway, he was like very relieved he was being fucked at last and fuck, we did. Just like with the first guy earlier, we made out in various different positions, missionary, doggy, standing etc. We even had the porn style of me sitting on the edge of the bed and him sitting on my cock facing the door… And this guy can moan… And encouraging me to fuck him harder… :p

After a long exhausting fuck and me telling him I would be cumming soon, he asked if I can cum on his face instead. Of course I am glad to do so. As I was about to cum after a few more pumps in his ass, I withdrew my cock, gave my cock a few more pumps with my hand and shot my cum on his face. He was in heaven… You should have seen his face. He looked so happy, with the cum all over his face and dripping down his chin onto his body. That was so porn scene!

After he wiped his face, we left the room. I had to go by then as I had four fucks and I dun think Buaya Jr. can handle a 5th guy. Hahaha… However, after I showered and changed, I bumped into WC, some guy I had been fucking regularly some time back. He looked more yummy than before as he had put on some meat and I immediately regretted deciding to shower and go. We chatted for a while and promised to arrange for a future fuck and I left the spa.

As I leave the spa, I just can’t believe I did it. Four. I fucked four men in the spa. And I was there for less than 4 hours… *phew* I wonder when I can get to break my own record… :p

Thank you for reading! :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

People you DON'T want to meet in a gay spa... Part 3

Finally… The last group of people I dun wanna bump into at the spas would be my boss(es) or colleagues or classmates or campmates. Luckily, so far, I had not met my bosses, current or past, at the spas… I would love to meet some of my ex-colleagues, though… Hahaha… Ya, I know… I am such a slut! LOL… I mean, there really is nothing to lose. He is as much outed to you as you are to him, so, as long as he is cute… :p That said, I had seen my ex-colleagues dating guys though… :p

Classmates and campmates, on the other hand, I had ran into before. I ran into my former schoolmate at Rairua. He was super embarrassed and after acknowledging that he is who I thought he is, he quickly walked away and I did not see him at the spa again that evening… Guess I scared him away. :p

I ran into my former BMT mate at Rairua and later at One Seven. Somehow, I felt that he is AJ during BMT already. But we were just pretty good friends then. He is too soft for me and I just dun find him sexually appealing. Thus, I was not shocked when I saw him at the spa. He is also not shocked when he saw me… KNN, he must have sensed that I am also AJ then… LOL… Anyway, we never did anything. We hugged and I think we kissed. I fingered his ass when I met him the second time. He enjoyed it. We would have fucked. But he did not clean his hole!! I dug into something squishy and I wiped my finger on his towel and walked to wash my finger… :p

Besides that BMT mate, I bumped into a reservist mate in Ten Men. I was kinda shocked to see him there. He was an ah beng and was always talking straight talk with the guys and trying to bully me as I was not from his active unit. Imagine my shock when I saw him hugging the men and entering the dark maze. I tried my best to siam him but little did I know he had actually saw me. We did not do anything at the spa. He talked to me when we had in camp training after that encounter and he confessed he had liked me and was just teasing and bullying me as a ‘shield’. He eventually blew me twice on 2 nights during that last in camp training we had together before we were placed in the MINDEF reserve list. He invited me to find him at his workplace so we can get more acquainted but I really am not that into him (I want to find someone more beng, with tattoos, to fuck… LOL) and so I did not see him after that…

Thanks for reading! :)