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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Do You Remember a Painful Fuck

Yes, I mean the physical pain... :p

I do remember a painful fuck. Many years ago, I was not so much into meatier guys as yet. I was young and the people around me were slim and the gays that I met were also slim. Come to think of it, if I had met my group of friends earlier and know that there is a big group of gay guys out there who are bigger in sized and actually enjoy men who are bigger in size, I might not be able to experience what I am going to recount. :p

It was probably a few months after my first fuck. I had fucked an older guy at the North Point toilet during one of my night's out when I was serving my NS. After that, I naturally assumed the position of a top and will not be trying out to bottom until many years later when I met my first ex. Anyway, I cannot even remember where exactly I met this skinny guy. I believe it is either at Delta Swimming Pool's changing room or at one of the MRT station's cruisy toilets. 

We had been playing with each other a few times and this time around, he invited me back to his place. I guess he had wanted to spend more time on my cock and in private. However, when I was there, I was told his sister was at home and so we have to be very quiet and stay inside his room. Oh well...

So, there we were, on his queen sized bed and we were getting naked and he started with giving me a blowjob. I asked for him to put on a porn video and I was watching as I enjoy his blowing me. Just then, his sister knocked on his room door! We had to quickly put on some clothes and switched off the porn. I used his blanket to cover my bod and pretended to be just watching the tv while he opened the door to speak to his sister. It was SO AWKWARD...

Anyway, after she left us alone, we decided we better get going with what we want so I can go off and we won't get disturbed again and we really have to be really quiet... :s So, we left the tv on, stripped and he started preparing himself for me to fuck.

After lubing himself and getting me hard and suited and lubed up, he lied on his back, raised his legs and I slowed entered him. After a smooth entry, I started pumping him. I remembered I switched on the tv to play the porn again mid way so I must be really pumping him for really quite a long time.

I did not really notice how long I had been fucking him but towards the end of our fuck, I just feel that my groin area was really painful. I looked down and saw that when I was fucking him, my groin area was really knocking into his pelvis when I thrust in and it was then when I noticed that his pelvis area was really bony...

After almost 2 full hours of solid fucking, I was not really tired out (I was a young boy then) but my groin was really getting painful from the knocking and I had to quickly cum. After cumming and cleaning up, I really felt the pain in my groin area and it was really painful as I walked out to take a bus back home. When at home, I had to check and realized that I had an abrasion at my groin area from all the knocking into his bony pelvic bone. >.< Took me a few days to get over the pain...

I am not sure if it was becos of this incident but I slowly start to prefer men with more meat and now really like men who are bigger in size... More comfortable to sex with... :p

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Blogger Chris said...

I've never heard of any injury like this...perhaps if he'd switched to lying on his front you wouldn't haver had such an abrasion...

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh.. Cool!!

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chanced upon your blog and thought it was very interesting pls continue writing!

1:45 AM  
Blogger stopa said...

Exciting experience. Like to meet u as friend

1:12 AM  
Blogger stopa said...

Exciting experience. Like to meet u as friend

1:13 AM  

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