I'm gay and I buaya, you?

Buaya - Malay language for 'Crocodile'. Also used connotatively to describe cheeky men who are into sex... :)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

IG Hotties (2)

There are just too many to choose as the second guy to feature for my IG Hotties series... :p I am torn between the many cute and hot ones and so I decided to just choose 1 that I see often on my HDD... Haha... And so, the 2nd Hottie I wanna post on is... Alex Chee! Wait... Not the ex Manhunt winner Alex Chee... Its Alex Chee, cute trainer from Malaysia... :p

His IG profile is alex_cyk. He is straight with a steady girlfriend whom he always declare his love for in IG, so, guys, forget about getting into his pants... Haha...

Nevertheless, enjoy his handsome cute face and his hot HOT boy bod... *salivates*

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